ELIT Language Services is managed by Haris Ghinos, one of the most experienced conference interpreters worldwide, who has also founded the company. He has trained as a conference interpreter with the European Commission in Brussels in 1985, where he initially worked as a staff interpreter. In 1987 he turned freelance and since, based in Brussels, London and later Athens, has provided his services to more than 3,000 high level political meetings, conferences and other events.

He has provided interpretation for the President of the Republic, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, all Greek governments having held office over the last two decades, the broader public sector, multinational companies, numerous private bodies, international organisations (NATO, OECD, WEU), as well as the various European Union institutions: Council of Ministers, Commission, European Parliament, etc.

He has accompanied the President of the Republic on most of his official visits abroad, including to the White House, as well as during President Clinton’s visit to Athens. He has also worked for the Greek Presidencies of the EU, the Athens 2004 Olympic Games Bid Committee and Organising Committee. He has also interpreted for FIFA for the duration of the 2010 World Football Cup held in South Africa, as well as for television, in its coverage of the most important international events of the last twenty years.

He graduated from Varvakeio School and was awarded his first degree by Athens University’s Physics Department in 1985. He then went on to study Energy Management at ULB University’s School of Applied Sciences in Brussels. He also holds a Master of Arts in War Studies from London University’s King’s College (1988) and a Maitrise in International Politics from ULB’s Centre d’ Etudes des Relations Internationales et Strategiques (CERIS), Brussels 1990. In 2002 he received a degree in Financial Services Management from the Economic University of Athens.

He has held positions of responsibility in the private sector in the areas of environmental technology and IT. He has sound professional experience in conference organisation and advertising.

Since 2004 he has been a member of Calliope, the Global Network of Consultant Interpreters and is currently responsible for Greece, Turkey, Israel, Malta and other Southeastern European countries.

In 2009 he was elected Board Member of the International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC) and is a representative of Greece and Cyprus for a three year term.