Consultant Interpeters: Your One Stop Shop

A Consultant Interpreter is a qualified professional conference interpreter with long experience in the organiisation of events requiring interpretation who will make sure that the quality of interpretation services satisfy the communication needs of the event and the requirements of the organiser in the most efficient and cost effective way.

Being a certified conference interpreter himself, he is qualified to weigh the suitability of available interpreters, to evaluate technical equipment needs and to assess the cost-effectiveness of each option.

The Consultant Interpreter participates in the planning of an event from its early preparatory stages; assesses the number of necessary interpreters  -according to the estimated number of active and passive languages at the event and their timeframe allocation within the plenary and break-out sessions-  as well specific communication needs (keynote speaker, panel, roundtable discussion, etc.); assesses travel and accommodation costs depending on the professional address of interpreters in relation to the venue; shall carefully study other parameters such as dealines for timely booking of interpreters depending on the subject of the event, the demand or scarcity of languages spoken or the holding of other important events during the same period; makes informed decisions on the most suitable interpreters for the event according to its subject and specific needs as, in most cases, the consultant interpreter is familiar with each interpreter's skills, having personally worked with them on previous occasions.

A Consultant Interpreter indicates the minimum requirements in technical equipment and infrastructure, so that it guarantees optimum speech clarity and effective message communication. He also indicates their appropriate placement and spacing in the conference room which will effectively add to the quality of the final result.

Thanks to his experience, he will proactively help the organiser avoid usual errors or omissions which often undermine the effectiveness of communication and information flow for speakers and audience, while he protects the organiser from opting for solutions that rather add to the event’s budget than to the actual improvement of communication.

Unlike agencies who offer interpretation services on the side of their core activities -often hiring non- professionals interpreters to "save money"- a consultant interpreter always retains responsibility and full control of procedures, making sure that the end result meets the organiser’s plan and his commitments on deliverable quality.

In the person of a Consultant Interpreter the event organiser has a trustworthy and experienced partner who understands special requirements of interpretation and the value of audiences understanding the communicated Word.