Consultant Interpreters

If you use interpretation services -and especially if you do so regularly- you may now avail yourself of the services of ELIT Consultant Interpreters, who hold an organisational experience of thousands of events around the globe.

The Consultant Interpreters take note of the organiser’s expectations and technical requirements, offering their valuable assistance in deciding on the ‘deliverables’ and in drawing up a budget.

Our Consultant Interpreters will help you establish your requirements to ensure that you only invest in the critically important services that you genuinely need and, more importantly, help you avoid false economies which could mean the failure of your event.

Since interpretation is a procedure with its own special needs, our Consultant Interpreters will help you, the organiser, to provide working conditions which will allow interpreters to perform their best.

Our Consultant Interpreters will tell you how many interpreters are required, how many booths and with what specifications, what interpreters are available in each city or country around the world, etc.

Most of all, they will help you choose from amongst the professional interpreters who are based closest to the conference venue, in strict regard to their language combination and specialist knowledge.

Our Consultant Interpreters will help you to maximise the benefits of successful organisation.

New Opportunities!

Each time you acquire the services of ELIT you effectively collaborate with the Global Network of Consultant InterpretersCalliope’, gaining access to the collective expertise of some of the most experienced Consultant Interpreters in the world, who have organised interpreting services for -literally- thousands of meetings – and with no additional fee.

This gives you a huge comparative advantage: may it be for organising the simplest event in Greece or even if your budget is limited, you can still be tapping into the pooled experience of accomplished Consultant Interpreters in a global network, with expertise accumulated over three decades of organising events in all five continents.

And should you organise an event abroad, your first choice remains as clear: contact ELIT Language Services in your own language and you are automatically linked to a multilingual network which will support you anywhere on the globe.