ELIT Language Services offers translations of specific requirements from Greek to English and from English to Greek, as well as translations to and from every major language spoken in the world.

Other than for the advanced organization of its translation department, ELIT has excelled in providing quality translation services by following the same principle that placed it in the leading position of conference interpreting services: selecting -without concessions- the best of translators from Greece and abroad. No organization method or certification alone can ever suffice when the "raw material" is not produced by the clear thought and skillful hands of an excellent translator.

The overwhelming spread of English in recent years has flooded markets -the Greek market is no exception- with low quality translations offered at "attractive" prices. However, the lacking offer of dependable services is more than noticeable when high quality is a primary condition. Such is the case with texts such as contracts, agreements, bids, annual reports, policy documents, etc.

Another category of specialised translation projects includes advertising texts, press releases and user manuals, among others. In order for these to meet their communication objectives, included terms and expressions must be rendered to describe the reality of their audience (localisation). This task should be executed by people who know the country well, its mentality, its market and -more importantly- the user terminology of each given sector.

We fully support dynamic companies implementing extrovert business strategies, by providing them with an end result which meets their expectations by 100%. ELIT Language Services obviously completes each project without deviating from agreed budget or timeframe. Even more so, we believe that  when it comes to translation,  international organisations, the public sector and the corporate community are entitled to the quality and reliability that they have come to expect in any other field of activity.