In a sense, every text owes its writing to the message it carries and its form to the audience it is addressed to. ELIT Language Services offers text editing services which aim to carry that message in the best suited wording through a targeted and comprehensive text, knowing that the result will mirror the person who communicates it. ELIT is also quite aware that opportunities of truly effective communication do not appear very often and that ‘writing remains’.

Text editing basically offers the aid of a second reading that identifies clarity and improvement possibilities, in areas where the less detached gaze of the author will often pass by. However, any improvement suggestions are made in aim to preserve his Voice. The term ‘voice’ describes the way of writing, the flow of argument and analysis, the use of vocabulary and meaning, the language style and text rhythm, all in reference to the context we would like the message recipient to attach to these.

Corporate communication is a decisive aspect of modern business strategy and its results, as the image of the message carried within every press release, presentation, analysis, information brief, electronic mail and web page, actually reflects the image of the person signing it. Assimilating its business culture, ‘corporate wording’ should also be clear and free of extravagant expression, structured, with its message carried by concise phrasing which inspires confidence and trust.

Editing pinpoints any discontinuities of meaning, comments on unclear or possibly unsuitable phrases and proposes better alternatives. It enhances readability and text comprehension by improving the flow between sentences, unifying its style and improving message delivery from beginning to end.

Text editing is done securely on digital copies through consecutive proposed revision versions. By majority, text projects are exchanged through the internet retaining their confidential status, within agreed budget and timeline.

ELIT Language Services insists on the high quality characteristics which define its services, understands the true power within a well structured and appropriately expressed message and protects the communication you invest in with diligence.