AIIC Quality

Conference Interpreting Services of assured quality can only be provided by professional interpreters. ELIT Language Services works with the most experienced of above professionals, namely members of the International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC) or accredited partners of the European Union Institution Bodies and the Council of Europe

AIIC is the only worldwide association of professional conference interpreters, with members in over 90 countries and 250 cities around the world. The multicultural wealth of its members attests to the unique collective experience of AIIC and its deep feeling of responsibility towards unhampered communication – and the true value of interpretation. Most importantly since its foundation in 1953, AIIC has championed for all of us the right to express oneself in his or her mother tongue and be fully understood by anyone should occasion call for it.

A university degree is not enough for someone to become an AIIC member, although all members hold at least one. Primarily, it is objectively proven professional experience and excellent language skills. In detail, language knowledge is classified in categories A, B and C, with active languages represented in the two first categories and passive languages in the third:

  • A: The interpreter's native language (or another language strictly equivalent to a native language), into which the interpreter works from all B and C classified languages, in either simultaneous or consecutive interpretation modes.
  • B: A language other than the interpreter's native language, of which she or he has a perfect command and into which she or he works from one or more of her or his other languages. Some interpreters work into a 'B' language in only one of the two modes of interpretation.
  • C: Languages, of which the interpreter has a complete understanding and from which she or he works.

An Association candidate member is evaluated for each submitted language combination he wishes to certify by at least two AIIC members, who in minimum have had five years of work experience in the same combination and level. Applications are accepted on condition that the candidate can prove he has had 150 days of work experience in AIIC approved conditions, with at least 50 days of experience in each submitted language combination. It is no coincidence that AIIC only has approximately 2900 members worldwide.

Lastly, in acknowledgment that language skill adequacy is a necessary but not sufficient condition to become an accomplished professional conference interpreter, AIIC members are further bound by a stringent code of ethics and a charter of professional standards.

AIIC has become the reference point for: technical standards in conference interpreting, work conditions which guarantee quality of service, health protection of interpreters in their workplace and training practices for new professionals.