Calliope: Global Experience

Calliope is the largest Consultant Interpreter Network in the world. Drawing its name from one of the seven muses according to ancient Greek literature, the network is comprised of the most experienced interpreters worldwide. All have decades of field experience, are members of the AIIC and are bound by the same code of professional ethics.

Collectively, the Calliope network selects the best qualified interpreting teams for literally hundreds of conferences per year held all over the world, meeting the needs of numerous institutions, institutional bodies and organisations of every kind, on a multitude of diverse subjects and themes.

The planning efficiency, professionalism, guaranteed quality, but also the trust that Calliope has come to enjoy as a result of the above, are further confirmed by the concession of internationally acclaimed major events such as the Olympic Games held in Barcelona, Spain. Events of similar magnitude may have participants numbering in the thousands, usually require numerous interpreter teams working simultaneously for days or weeks, include many languages among which some are quite rare -but most of all- they demand meticulous planning of months or even years. Among events of this calibre one may find European Union Presidency meetings, diplomatic negotiations lasting several months or large medical conferences.

In essence, collaboration with any consultant interpreter of the Calliope network makes full use of the network’s incomparable collective experience. For organising expert interpretation services anywhere in the world, you can be confident in securing the same high quality services to accomplish the goals of your meeting.