The AIIC Code οf Conduct

Interpreters of ELIT Language Services are bound by a Code of Professional Ethics and operate in accord to the Professional Standards of AIIC, the International Association of Conference Interpreters.

Apart from the broad professional experience and qualifications which initially granted them AIIC membership, abiding by the code of ethics ensures that members follow the rules of professional conduct that will safeguard the quality of their work and in turn, continue to justify the trust of all who acquire their interpreting services.

In general the AIIC code describes the principles of integrity, professionalism and confidentiality that members are bound by and according to which: they maintain complete professional secrecy, they only undertake projects for which they are fully qualified, they prepare thoroughly for each meeting and ensure working conditions that allow them to perform at the highest possible level.

Among other commitments undertaken by AIIC members, the Code of Professional Ethics stipulates the following:

a.     Members of the Association shall be bound by the strictest secrecy, which must be observed towards all persons and with regard to all information disclosed in the course of the practice of the profession at any gathering not open to the public.

b.    Members shall refrain from deriving any personal gain whatsoever from confidential information they may have acquired in the exercise of their duties as conference interpreters.

c.     Members of the Association shall not accept any assignment for which they are not qualified. Acceptance of an assignment shall imply a moral undertaking on the member's part to work with all due professionalism.

d.     Members of the Association shall not accept more than one assignment for the same period of time.

e.     Members of the Association shall not accept any job or situation which might detract from the dignity of the profession.

f.      They shall refrain from any act which might bring the profession into disrepute.