ELIT Quality

Every communication event-conference, meeting, negotiation, press conference- is a costly but, in all honesty, valuable and often unique opportunity to achieve the exposure of an idea, an important decision, an agreement, a targeted briefing.

Effective interpretation is a service which can only be provided by professional interpreters, therefore ELIT Language Services works with the most qualified and experienced of above professionals. All interpreters hold at least one university degree in the field and are members of the International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC) or accredited partners of the European Union Institution Bodies and the Council of Europe.

Every communications event is a major undertaking in terms of outlay and effort as in most cases it implies a venue, correspondence, a secretariat, invitations, hospitality expenses, air tickets, reception facilities, meals, hostesses, protocol gifts etc. Of course all this amounts to communication, but essentially, what it all culminates in and boils down to is the Spoken Word. Is it then not rather odd that some organisers disregard the importance of this aspect of their event and simply leave it to chance?

ELIT Language Services holds invaluable expertise, accumulated through decades of providing services for international organisations active in every sector, in all types of communication events. We apply methods and procedures inspired by international quality standards, thanks to our experience in various sectors of the economy.

As a member of the Global Network of Consultant Interpreters ‘Calliope’ for Greece and Southeastern Europe, we offer you the pooled experience and know-how of the most accomplished consultant interpreters in every important market sector. Whether your activities are based in Greece on anywhere abroad, the same quality, detailed organising and professional ethics are always at your disposal.

We do everything in our power to make sure that the greek language is heard ‘loud and clear’. Communication in faultless Greek assures its effectiveness by delivering a strong and clear message. We support the presence of Greek in international meetings as it enforces the country’s status and promotes its fundamental asset: its culture.

We operate within an open and free market, making no concessions in selecting for you -on a case by case basis- those interpreters who are best trained to deal with the difficulties of each specific event.

We simplify procedures and cut down on costs that are not directly related to interpretation or the project at hand.

We systematically use electronic means of communication and reduce both the cost of communicating and the margin for human error. We complete all financial transactions electronically over the internet, avoiding unnecessary travel or delay.

There are no intermediary offices or middlemen. You deal with the interpreters directly and can purchase the quality you demand without trade-offs.

ELIT Language Services by all means protects the added value you expect every time you invest in a communication event.