1st Remote Interpreting Studio

ELIT Language Services announced the signing of a cooperation agreement with US based KUDO on 19 February 2019, in Athens, for the creation of the first Remote Interpreting Studio in Greece.

ELIT Language Service’s remote interpreting studio is but the second in Europe and utilises the remote interpreting web platform of US based KUDO.

ELIT’s new investment in Remote Interpreting (or Distance Interpreting) offers unprecedented flexibility to conference organisers and makes it possible to provide interpreting services for conferences and meetings where the physical presence of interpreters is not possible.

Remote interpreting also contributes to the protection of the environment by reducing travel and related pollution emissions.

The first KUDO-Certified Studio in Greece is already hosted at the ELIT headquarters in central Athens. The strategic location of the new installation is an advantage for conference organisers and an ideal working environment for conference interpreters to perform at the best of their abilities, fully taking advantage of the capabilities of the KUDO platform.

Remote interpreting offers unprecedented opportunities but also entails challenges which require cooperation with an experienced Conference Interpreter who will ensure compliance with the relevant international standards. ELIT Language Services is the largest provider of conference interpreting services in Greece, and the only AIIC Consultant Interpreter in Greece.