ELIT at Amway’s big celebration

To celebrate its 60-year anniversary, Amway, the world’s largest direct sales company, with a turnover of 11.8 billion dollars, invited approximately 4,000 Amway Business Owners aboard the world’s largest cruise ship, the Symphony of the Seas, from 23 to 28 October 2018.

The Amway cruise began and ended in Barcelona, with intermediate calls in Marseille, France, as well as La Spezia and Civitavecchia, Italy.

Amway chose ELIT Language Services to cover interpreting needs during the six-day cruise. Over the course of the cruise, ELIT „spoke“ ten languages: Spanish, Greek, Dutch, German, Italian, Portuguese, French, Finnish, Icelandic, and Slovenian.

The trip was an unprecedented experience for both guests and interpreters, with ELIT’s „crew“ feeling proud of the confidence that Amway has consistently shown to a Greek company all these years.

The Symphony of the Seas, which carries a total of about 9,000 people, was launched in April 2018. Amway’s event was the first major event which the cruise ship was called to host, with the number of Amway Business Owners alone reaching 4,000.