AIIC Consultant Interpreters

AIIC Consultant Interpreters – Members of the International Association of Conference Interpreters

AIIC Consultant Interpreters are organizational consultants and the principal allies for users of interpretation services. They will help you accurately determine the linguistic needs of the conference, facilitate procurement of the necessary equipment, set a budget, and ultimately eliminate or mitigate the possible risks to the success of an event that cannot afford to fail.

AIIC Consultant Interpreters are among the world’s most experienced conference interpreters.  They are members of AIIC (the International Association of Conference Interpreters with headquarters in Geneva) who assist the event organiser  in order to minimize risks and maximize returns, be it a large or small event.

ELIT Language Services is Greece’s sole AIIC Consultant Interpreter.

ELIT Language Services – Exclusive member of Calliope Interpreters for Greece

Furthermore, ELIT is Greece’s exclusive member of Calliope Interpreters. The Calliope network is the Global Network of Consultant Interpreters of the AIIC. Calliope Interpreters is active on 5 continents, organising more than 1,200 conferences and meetings every year, in over 50 countries and more than 40 languages (