Distance Interpreting Services

In February 2019, ELIT Language Services inaugurated the first Distance (or Remote) Interpreting Studio in central Athens.

Moreover, Remote Interpreting Services are now included in the certification scope of ELIT’s quality management system, certified according to ISO 9001, which is a first in the field of conference interpreting.

ELIT’s investment in Distance Interpreting technology makes the provision of interpreting services possible during conferences and meetings where the physical presence of interpreters is not practicable or economically viable.

Distance interpreting offers an alternative in cases where:

  • There is not sufficient space for interpretation booths in the conference room
  • When travel costs for interpreters and the cost for transporting equipment is beyond budget
  • When the need for interpreting arises at the last moment, which makes  it impossible for interpreters to travel to the conference venue in time

Though distance interpreting offers novel possibilities, it also entails certain technical and other challenges.  These can only be dealt with by an experienced Consultant Interpreter who will take care of the technical issues and the training of the interpreters and see that essential specifications are adhered to.