Our Advantages

The first choice of International Organisations

International organizations trust ELIT to provide interpreting and translation services.

International experience and recognition

ELIT Language Services is active internationally and based in Athens. We export interpreting and translation services to the European market. Thanks to the excellent quality of our services, we have acquired an enviable position in the European language services arena. A member of the European Language Industry Association.

Translations into native language

ELIT is perhaps the only provider in Greece that strictly observes the golden rule of translation – the native language rule. We thus avoid perilous mistranslations and protect the standing of governments, organisations, and businesses. 100% of the translations provided by ELIT are produced by translators working in their native language.

AIIC/European Union Interpreters

The only verifiable guarantee of quality for an interpreter is membership to the International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC) and accreditation by the interpretation service of the European Commission and the European Parliament. These are the only truly certified interpreters in Greece and Europe – because they are the only ones to have successfully passed stringent testing and evaluation by experienced interpreters in terms of their skills and compliance with the AIIC Code of Ethics.

Translation service provider to the institutions of the European Union

ELIT Language Services, following a tender, signed a contract for the provision of translation services in the Court of Justice of the European Union.

Global network

ELIT is the sole member of Calliope Interpreters, the global network of Consultant Conference Interpreters of the AIIC. Real-time access to the European and international markets thanks to our physical presence on 5 continents.


All of ELIT’s services are certified to the following International Standards:
– Quality management system, ISO 9001:2015
– Translation, ISO 17100:2015
– Interpreting/Conference interpreting, ISO 23155:2022

Efficient Management

Our staff possesses unparalleled organisational experience obtained in the private and public sectors and in international organizations. This team has carried out the industry’s largest and most demanding projects in recent years.

We know the market

ELIT is the trusted ally of dynamic Greek businesses and organisations. We speak the language of tourism, manufacturing, transport, the world of Medicine, financial institutions, the agri-food industry, and Greek exporters. We are a member of SEV and SETE.

Excellence through selection

We select translators and interpreters from among skilled professionals, without compromises in terms of quality. We invest daily in the expansion of our network through ongoing evaluations.

We are professional interpreters and translators, not merely an intermediary.

ELIT is not merely an intermediary. We are professional interpreters and translators. Our sole focus is the provision of comprehensive interpreting, translation, and conference support services.


All our associates, without exception, have signed a confidentiality agreement with ELIT Language Services. ELIT Language Services manages personal information in accordance with the newly approved EU Regulation 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of data (GDPR).