Conference Equipment


Portable Simultaneous Interpreting System - Sennheiser 2020 Digital Tour Guide System

Conference Equipment and Simultaneous Interpreting Equipment

We assume full responsibility for the installation and proper functioning of all equipment throughout the duration of each conference.

During a conference, conference interpreters are the most demanding “customers” of sound installation systems, before the sound ever reaches the ears of the attendees.  As AIIC Consultant Interpreters, we have first-hand knowledge of simultaneous interpreting equipment and the other equipment that is generally required at every conference. We are therefore in a better position than anyone to assist you in communicating your needs and optimizing your budget.

We invest in people, organisation, and cutting-edge technical equipment

The aim of ELIT Language Services is to provide services that exceed the expectations of our clients. Therefore, we continuously invest in people, organization, and technology.

ELIT Language Services’ most recent acquisition is the most advanced version of the digital, wireless Tour Guide 2020 by SENNHEISER. This is the world’s most reliable Portable Simultaneous Interpreting System, which ensures simultaneous multilingual communication with excellent sound quality and no interference.