Sign Language Interpreting

Interpretation in Sign Language

Sign language interpretation is interpreting between a signed language and a spoken language, or between two signed languages. Sign language interpreters ensure seamless communication with the deaf and hearing impaired.

Sign language utilises hand shapes, positions and gestures of the hands or body, as well as facial expressions for conveying information to and from the deaf and hearing impaired.

Interpreting in all sign languages 

There is not just one form of sign language, as many people mistakenly believe. There is Greek sign language, French sign language, Dutch sign language etc.… International sign language does exist, an “Esperanto” sign language, which has nonetheless failed to prevail as a truly international form of communication.

Greek sign language was recognised in September 2017 as the equivalent to spoken Greek through Law 4488/2017 (Article 65(2).

Sign Language Interpreting is a right

ELIT Language Services supports the universal right of access to information and social services and is the first company in the field to include sign language interpretation among its services.  We work with specially trained sign language interpreters throughout Greece and abroad.

The chief interpreter of ELIT Language Services is a member of the Sign Language Network (SLN) of the International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC).

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