An international conference without English? It happens!

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An online multilingual conference, with a twist

In numbers, ten conference interpreters, six languages, three halls, two installations with interpreting booths and one Distance interpreting platform meshed seamlessly in the double-hybrid conference covered by ELIT Language Services on 9 and 10 October, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

We call it a “double-hybrid” conference because some of both participants and conference interpreters were physically present, while others were distributed across different venues in Greece and the rest of Europe. In all cases, the conference interpreters worked in pairs, from dedicated professional facilities, in accordance with international standards. 

The interpreters covered Portuguese, Spanish, Greek, Italian, French and German. Simultaneous interpreting enabled labour-union representatives from all over Europe to exchange views in their native languages and analyse the current economic situation’s impact on workers. 

The multilingual conference was held using KUDO, the most advanced platform enabling distance interpreting for multilingual web conferences.  ELIT Language Services is a KUDO partner in Greece and a high-end Distance interpreting provider for online multilingual conferences and meetings all over the world. One of the installations used for the international conference was the AIHub, the Distance interpreting hub operated by ELIT Language Services in the heart of Athens.