ELIT at the Acropolis Museum

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ELIT Language Services was selected to provide interpreting services for Professor Allison Glazebrook’s speech at the Acropolis Museum on Thursday, 14 March 2019.

Allison Glazebrook is a Professor at Brock University in Canada who focusses on the study of cultural and social history, with an emphasis on the role of women from all social strata in Ancient Greece. Her research has been published in prestigious scientific journals, while she has also published three books.

Allison Glazebrook, an honourable guest of the Canadian Embassy, recounted women’s journey from antiquity to the present day. Professor Glazebrook took the audience on a trip back in time, referencing both well-known and unknown milestones in women’s journey through the centuries.

ELIT’s interpreters provieded simultaneous interpreting, successfully covering the language pair English-Greek.