Medical Translation Challenges

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Medical translation involves very complex terminology that must be translated accurately at all times, so it’s easy to see that the slightest misunderstanding can seriously impact the end result.


The medical field is constantly evolving – developing new techniques and methods – which means that professional translators have to constantly keep up to date with new developments. Another thing that makes medical translation difficult and demanding is that terminology differs from country to country. For example, medical procedures performed throughout the world are known by different names, so special care must be taken to conform to the terminology of a given readership.


We also realise how important accuracy is in the translation of a medical opinion or report.


Pharmaceutical translation also requires special care. The World Health Organization may have official terminology for each pharmaceutical substance, but the medicines sold in each country differ in terms of composition, mechanism of action and potential side effects.


We also focus on medical terminology that concerns medical equipment. In fact, translators often undergo special training before starting a translation on a piece of medical equipment – for example, an axial tomography scanner or ultrasound scanner – so they can see first-hand how it works, what functions it has and what its purpose is.


In short, it is no coincidence that the field of medical translation is unique for its rigorous training, the providers of which include medical specialists, pharmaceutical companies and experts who draft medical protocols. 


All of these factors underscore the importance and difficulty of finding the right translator for a medical translation.


At ELIT Language Services, we have established stringent procedures for choosing our partners in medical translation. We are always looking for specialized translators and reviewers, so we have put together a fully trained team that deals exclusively with this field. Through ongoing training and conference attendance, we ensure that the ELIT Language Services team meets the highest global standards for medical translation.