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Two of Greece’s largest private hospitals chose ELIT Language Services to provide interpretation services for elite JCI accreditation

Two of our country’s largest private hospitals recently gained or renewed their JCI accreditation. Joint Commission International (JCI) is a global leader in health care accreditation. 

JCI accreditation usually requires over two years of intensive preparation. JCI then sends a team of experts/inspectors with international experience (doctors, nurses, administrators), who carry out on-site assessment of the standard’s 1,000+ measure sets. 

Through interviews with personnel, patients and administrators, as well as on-site inspection of facilities, documents and archives, the experts evaluate the effectiveness of the hospital’s quality and safety management system and the system’s implementation in daily practice. These are exhaustive interviews in which the detailed and disciplined use of terminology understandably plays a vital role. 

The interpreters of ELIT Language Services took on the responsibility of interpreting throughout the days-long evaluation process, enabling all those involved to express themselves with precision in their native language. ELIT Language Services also undertook the demanding task of translating the Quality Management System procedures that govern every aspect of a hospital’s operations, from admission and identification of patients to the handling of medical waste. 

The performance of this medical interpretation and translation project – an unprecedented exercise in Greece – was a special honor and great responsibility for ELIT Language Services, as what was ultimately at stake was nothing less than the health and lives of patients.