ELIT in Romania for the first time

ELIT Language Services was awarded the conference interpreting services contract for the medical conference “Oncology Patient Advocacy Group Forum” which was held in Bucharest, Romania, on 7 and 8 November 2018.

During the two-day conference, issues were discussed such as the progress in cancer treatment, the importance of prevention, and the need for psychological support to be provided to patients.

Several organisations from Greece were present with speeches and case studies: the Hellenic Cancer Federation, the patient support group EF ZO, the cancer patient groups KEFI and SYNΕΧΙΖΟ, and the patient organisation EIMASTE MAZI. With their riveting interventions, they emphasised the importance of solidarity and the support that is required in the fight for life.

Emotions reached their peak when family members of patients shared personal experiences, underscoring the difficulties faced both by the patient as well as the people around them.

ELIT covered the demanding interpreting needs of the conference with interpreters from 8 countries in English, Romanian, Greek, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, and Hebrew. The interpreting team was staffed on the basis of ELIT Language Services’ strict criteria for medical conference interpreters.